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Privacy Policy


Andrea Marsh (trading as Elite Equine Massage UK – EEMUK) is a Data Controller. EEMUK takes every responsibility to look after all personal data seriously, and to comply with the laws concerning data protection.


What details are collected and stored by EEMUK?

The personal information that EEMUK holds for its clients includes:

 Names and contact details (address, telephone numbers and email addresses)

 Equine’s details such as name, age, height and history (to include both clinical and work history)

 Address of livery yard/your equine’s place of residence

 Details of your Veterinary Surgeon and other equine professionals (such as farrier/dentist)

 Details of treatments provided/invoice details

 Records of your interactions with EEMUK such as telephone conversations, emails and contact via social media or website


The basis for processing your personal data is for the purposes of entering into and performing the contract between us in order to treat your equine.

EEMUK does not collect clients’ sensitive personal data.


How does EEMUK collect your information?

Personal data is collected directly from you when you request EEMUK to treat your equine. Most of your personal data will be collected during your initial approach (which may be by way of telephone, e-mail, post, social media or our website), and other personal data may be collected at the time of the appointment/treatment.

Additional data may also be provided by third parties authorised by you, such as your veterinary surgeon.


How does EEMUK store your data?

This is primarily stored electronically with paper copies of essential forms and documents. Appropriate security measures are in place to protect against unauthorised access, loss or damage.

On each occasion you contact EEMUK (for the purposes of booking a treatment). EEMUK will verify that the data it holds is correct.

Data will be retained for the period during which you remain a client of EEMUK. However, EEMUK will not hold your data for any longer than twelve months’ from the date of your equine’s last treatment. Your details will be erased if EEMUK does not have a legitimate interest/reason to keep them.


Who does EEMUK share your data with?

When necessary, data may be shared with third parties including veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths or EEMUK’s professional indemnity insurers.

At all times, the minimum and least sensitive details will be shared.


Data breaches

If any personal data breach is identified, the Data Controller will notify this without delay to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) not later than 72 hours of becoming aware of it, unless the Controller is able to demonstrate that there is no risk to the rights and freedoms of the individual.


Questions or concerns regarding your data?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

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