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About Me

I have been a human massage therapist for over 18 years and have practiced both in the UK and abroad. 

I am a fully qualified and approved practitioner to Distinction Level in providing Equine professional sports, rehabilitation and relaxation massage therapy. 

Massage Therapy is a wonderful technique that has been used for generations in humans to enhance circulation, physical condition, natural movement and tension release of the muscles.


It is the oldest healing technique known to mankind. 

It has many health benefits and is now being widely recognized throughout the equine industry, especially with sports and endurance horses that massage treatments can also have the same benefits for them.


All horses benefit from massage whether they are competition horses, leisure horses or companions. 

In fact, it is now becoming extremely popular as more and more equestrians are understanding how well their horses feel after they have had treatments. When we have a massage treatment, whether it is for a pamper or deep tissue massage, we always feel so much better and our muscles can feel amazing. It's the same for our horses and ponies! 

Massage therapy can give increased range of movement, reduce muscle tension, give greater flexibility, help the immune system, enhance blood flow, improve circulation, coat and muscle tone and many, many more! 

I offer a full assessment of your horse prior to any treatments and all treatments are bespoke to the individual horse.


The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have finally cleared Fully Qualified and Registered Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists to be able to do routine massage treatments on a healthy equine without prior veterinary permission. 

This means that as a professionally qualified, musculoskeletal therapist, I am an essential part of the vet-led team and I can treat your horse or pony as long as it is currently registered with a vet and is healthy. 

Veterinary permission would be required if the animal is undergoing any current treatment. 

                                                                            Book your appointment today! 

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