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Why do you need my Vets permission? 

It is imperative that your Therapist works with your Vet to ensure that any underlying problems or issues are spoken about prior to treatment or any potential issues found during treatment are brought to their attention. 
It is of paramount importance that the welfare of the horse is a priority and your Vet will be able to advise on any potential issues that should or should not be treated. 
A simple report is then sent to your Vet after treatment for their general records, so they are aware of exactly what treatment was carried out. 

How long is the treatment for my horse and what does it entail?

The initial treatment should normally take around 90 minutes. This will include a full static assessment and a dynamic assessment. 
The dynamic assessment will be watching the horse move in the various gaits and performing small specific movements in hand. I will then do a full assessment over the body prior to the massage treatment. 
If I am treating horse and rider, then I will require the horse to be ridden on both reins for an initial assessment. 
Although each treatment is bespoke to the individual horse, every muscle chain will be covered throughout the treatment to ensure the balance throughout.
The massage treatment will include a variety of specific hands on techniques that will treat each area of the muscle groups and in particular, those areas of concern that are requiring more in depth treatment.
Stretching exercises will also be applied should your horse be happy to do these comfortably.  Any maintenance between treatments will also be discussed in detail with you. 
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